What is SANKOL

 「 SANKOL 」 is special lubricant developed for the lubrication of metals and plastic components

 in various electronics and fine mechanics, SANKOL is available in three types, [ GREASE ], [ OIL ]

 [ FAST-DRYING LUBRICANT ] to meet the customers various requirments for applications.

1. GREASE ・・・・・・・ Paste type lubricant grease. Apply by brushing, dispense machine.
2. OIL・・・・・・・・・・・・ Liquid type lubricant oil. Apply by brushing, dispense machine, dropping at syringe etc.
3. FAST-DRYING・・・ Liquid type lubricant. Can dry out at room-temperature within a few seconds.
[ GREASE ]   ・   [ OIL ]   ・   [ FAST-DRYING ]
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